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***Plants and Accessories in photos are NOT included***

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"A Ndebele, Zulu name meaning 'Flower'"

Mbali is finally here to grace us with her beauty! Her full name is Mbalenhle which means “Beautiful Flower” but everyone calls her Mbali for short. Mbali by itself means "Flower" and is of Ndebele origin. Mbali's inspiration came from looking at the Ndebele's colorful clothing, art, and jewelry. Their attire is very colorful like most African groups, but the Ndebele people's colorful clothing has a very specific and intriguing look. To match their beautiful clothing, their hairstyles and their headdresses are stunning.

Ndebele people typically have shorter hairstyles but Mbali's design in her hair is very African-American. The idea was someone who may be far away from their country and people while merging African-American styles to their way of living can still be very connected to the roots of where they come from. And even those who have had their history systematically erased through the horrible trials of slavery can still adopt in a meaningful way the art, style, and culture of the Ndebele people or any African group of their choosing. OUR collective African historical roots are intertwined, strong, and run very deep!

Mbali is the first Rooted Pots design to have pierced ears so that not only can you adorn her with a beautiful plant of your choosing, but you can also give her stunning earrings to match!

***Plants and Accessories in photos are NOT included***

4 Sizes : Small (4"H / 2.25"D), Medium (6"H / 3.25"D), Large (8"H / 4.5"D), and  X-Large (12"H / 6.5"D)

***Note: Sizes are measured by the height (H) of the pot and the diameter (D) of the pot's hole. The sizes are approx as each order is handmade. Check the images in the description for size and examples of pots with plants in them.


Click here to see sizing chart.

Example uses: Small -- Medium -- Large -- X-Large 


10+ Color Finishes: Black, Gold, Silver, Bronze, White, Tropez, Lavender, Bubblegum Pink, Earth Stone, Red, and Green

MaterialBuilt from strong PLA thermoplastic derived from renewable resources. This plastic is stronger and more durable than terra cotta, clay, and glass. If you accidentally drop a Rooted Pot, they will NOT shatter or break as PLA is extremely durable to drops.

Processing/ShippingEach Rooted Pot is handmade to order and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please allow for 2-4 weeks before your order is shipped. Please send all questions about the status of your order and orders received to We will respond as soon as possible. 

Out of United States Shipping: We do ship to countries outside of the United States. It is the purchaser's responsibility to know the rules of their country's shipping customs payments. We, Rooted Pots, are no liable for any customs charges for your shipped order. The purchaser must pay for all the import/customs fees. We, at Rooted Pots, are not liable for any shipped product held or seized at any country's customs patrol. 

 *During an extremely high volume of orders, processing could take upwards to 4-6 weeks as these are handmade to order and orders can come in quickly depending on the time of year. Thank you for your understanding and consideration. 

**Plants/Flowers are not included in any of the purchases

***Earrings/Jewelry are not included in any of the purchases. 


***Plants and Accessories in photos are NOT included***

Click here to see sizing chart.

Example uses: Small -- Medium -- Large -- X-Large 

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