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Onileola - A Yoruba name meaning
"Owner of a House of Wealth"

Discover Onileola - Rooted Pots' Most Revered Design Across the Globe

Transform any space with the unmatched elegance and style of Onileola! This captivating flower pot is renowned worldwide as Rooted Pots' most cherished creation, adorning homes and offices across numerous states, countries, and continents.

Onileola is more than just a flower pot; it's a testament to exquisite design and timeless appeal. A symbol of luxury and serenity, it effortlessly elevates your surroundings, leaving an indelible impression of sophistication.

Join the countless enthusiasts who have welcomed Onileola into their spaces, and experience the magic it brings. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Rooted Pots' legacy with the globally acclaimed Onileola. Transform your space today!

***Plants and Accessories in photos are NOT included***


  • Medium:   Diameter: 5"      /       Height: 7"
  • Large:        Diameter: 6.5"   /       Height: 9.5"
  • XL:             Diameter: 8"     /       Height 12"

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