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Mystery Boxes are finally here! However, these mysteries are a bit special. When creating Rooted Pots, some don't exactly make the cut to be sold to our amazing customers. The ones that don't make the cut are failed 3D prints where the 3D printer stopped printing partway through or the quality of the 3D print was not up to par. Instead of selling not up to par and half-finished prints, I typically keep them and use them as teaching tools for kids. However, at this point, I have more than I need for educational purposes.

On the Rooted Pots Instagram, I show off these failed prints with the messaging of on the road to success, failures happen. I always embrace failure as they are the building blocks of becoming better and building some great. Well, our followers on IG asked promptly if I would ever sell these failed prints. I told them I have yet to come up with a good idea on sorting them and selling them. And as usual, the amazing Rooted Pots followers gave me some great ideas. One of my followers suggested doing Mystery Boxes and here we are!

Every Mystery Box is Different

Each Mystery Box has a collection of failed prints, experimental prints, and/or older versions of Rooted Pots that are no longer sold. A mystery box can be a combination of Nefertiti, Mbali, and/or Onileola Rooted Pots. Each Mystery Box is different and random which is why it's a mystery. Each box is completely random but there is some order...

[] A regular Mystery Box is the only way to get a chance at getting an incomplete Half-Head and/or an incomplete large Rooted Pots head planter. 

[] A BIG Mystery Box is the only way to get an incomplete XL Rooted Pots head planter, but a BIG Mystery Box. Now, some incomplete XLs might appear to be like a Half-Head, but they are not by design.

Some Mystery Boxes will have completely one-of-a-kind Rooted Pots experiments that you won't be able to buy right now. A lot have our upcoming Velvet Black color, while a few have an experimental Chocolate color. The vast majority are the default gray color from the 3D printer which is also currently not sold. My unique experiments and tests can now be part of your home and outside decor.

Mystery Box items are not representations of final Rooted Pots products. Our full-priced products are higher quality, sanded/treated, and painted. None of the Mystery Box items have potholes, but those can be added easily with a drill. Some have experimental finishes, colors, but none of this reflects our finished designs that are sold at full price. 

All sales are final