MudPots Triple Set

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Mudpots: Where Mali's Ancient Artistry Meets Modern Elegance

Experience the timeless beauty of Mali's mudcloth designs with Mudpots by Rooted Pots. These planters pay homage to a tradition dating back to the 12th century in Mali's Sahara Desert.

"Mudcloth," or "Bogolanfini" in the Mali Bambara language, means "mud with cloth." It's a fusion of nature and textile artistry that's evolved into captivating designs.

Mudpots are a bridge between history and modern elegance. Each pot tells a story of resilience and creativity. Bring home a piece of Mali's rich heritage with Mudpots and elevate your space with global artistry.

Mix and match any colors!

***Plants are NOT included***


  • Small:        Diameter: 6"      /      Height: 5.5"
  • Medium:   Diameter: 8"      /       Height: 7"
  • Large:        Diameter: 9.5"   /       Height: 8.5" 

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